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Tools, Techniques, and Ideas to Help Any Artist Teach, the first volume in the Teaching Artist Handbook series, is based on the premise that teaching artists have the unique ability to engage students as fellow artists. In schools, prisons, hospitals, and many other contexts teaching artists put high quality art-making at the center of their practice and open doors to powerful learning across disciplines.

This book is a collection of essays, stories, lists, examples, ideas, techniques and opinions.  All of them are offered with the aim of helping any artist to think about, create and implement teaching that reflects her specific interests, expertise, experience and personality.  This book is not a method, or a collection of recipes or formulas to apply uncritically, or a set of models to be duplicated or emulated.  We believe that the great strength of teaching artists is their ability to create original and innovative practice that can engage all students in work in the arts. Though we do reference some theoretical ideas and frames, this book is centered on practice—the actual doing and making of teaching artist work.