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Why We Wrote This Book


We wrote this book because we are teaching artists and arts educators and we really like the making, doing, thinking, talking and writing that makes up teaching artist work.  Most of all we like the doing: the fun, fascination and discoveries of working alongside all kinds of people in all kinds of contexts to help make art happen.  It seems to us that not enough of the writing about teaching artist work and arts education is written from the perspective of teaching artists.  What brings many of us teaching artists to the work is the art making. We teach our disciplines first and foremost because we love making work and helping others to make their work is so satisfying.  We also think that the love of art making is what makes students want to work with teaching artists and what makes art making especially educative. We hope the ideas in this book serve to further that simple truth that is at the center of teaching artist work.

                                                         ---Nick, Becca, Barbara